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Developing Your Profitable Coaching Framework

Within this 3 hour masterclass, we're going to work together to build your results driven coaching framework!

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Tired of winging it? You're in the right place.

It's time for honesty hour. Have you ever been on a call with a client and struggled to figure out what to say or ask next? Or maybe you have to scramble before every coaching call to review your notes to figure out what to discuss with the client?

Have you ever struggled with your marketing? Unsure of what to say and end up turning to templates and content prompts you've bought online to create your content calendar?

Or, are you ready to add more products and services to your business but have no idea what topics to cover?

No, I'm not trying to be in your business - I'm just pointing out the tell-tale signs that its time for you to create your profitable coaching framework!

This class will cover:

  • The TRUE definition of a framework and how they can be used in every area of your business
  • Why you NEED a coaching framework for your signature offer
  • How to scale your coaching framework by creating new offers
  • How to develop your own signature coaching framework - we're going to do this REAL TIME so you leave the class with your framework completed
  • How to apply your signature framework within your coaching programs to enhance your client experience and increase your retention and re-enrollment rates

Your coaching framework is the #1 revenue driver in business. You may be wondering...how does that work?

  • It guides your signature coaching and informs the flow of your program. No more guess work on what each coaching session will cover. Not to mention your coaching framework will evolve into a coaching handbook that can be used to train your team.
  • It informs your multichannel content strategy. Your framework is not only showcased on your sales page but it SHOULD align with your client's pain points and your content pillars. With a strong framework, you'll never run out of content ideas.
  • A strong coaching framework can be separated and broken up into multiple offers (which we'll cover in detail within this workshop).

What’s included with your ticket to this training?

3 Live Action Workshop

Workshop Workbook to Follow Along with the Teachings

Lifetime Access to the Replay

Who is this class for?

  • Coaches and Course Creators in ANY Niche
  • You must attend already knowing your niche, zone of genius & ideal client
  • You do not have to have an existing coaching program but you should know what problem you aim to solve with your future program
  • If you do already have a coaching program or course, PERFECT! This means we have a starting point with your framework

It's time to take your business to the next level with a coaching framework that commands authority.

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Meet Your Instructor

Kyshira S. Moffett, MBA is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, international board certified coach, and author who specializes in helping overlooked experts package, brand and scale their coaching practice. Kyshira’s signature program, The Founder’s Circle, helps emerging coaches drive revenue and results by creating their first high ticket signature program. Kyshira freely shares her methodologies weekly via her podcast, The Brand Your Power Show and via her YouTube channel. She is the author of several books including Project ManageHER and All in Favor of Branding.

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This class is digital in nature and is not eligible for exchange or refund.

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I'm a brand new coach, will this work for me?

As long as you know your niche, zone of genius and your ideal client, this class will absolutely work for me.  

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You can email us at hi@thepowercollective.co.  

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