Booked to the Max: How to Save Sales Conversations That Actually Get You Paid!

In this mini-course, we’re going to focus on pushing your sales closes beyond the positive noises phase—beyond the phase where your prospect wiggles out of making a commitment, using excuses like “I’m just waiting for my tax refund; then I’ll sign up”. You are going to learn how to push past objections like these, not because you are pushy or greedy—if someone genuinely has a problem, you’re going to respect that and suggest an alternative which will help them get to the next step—but with those who hesitate, it’s important to realize that many are doing so not out of budget constraints but out of fear. And as a coach, it’s your job to help them get past that fear and take the step that is going to transform their lives.

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Here's What You Will Learn

Immediately after purchase, you will receive access to the masterclass and downloadable guide, workbook and checklist! These items will cover:

  • Attracting People That Can Pay: We'll cover how to ensure you are attracting people who are willing and able to invest in your services.
  • Where to Market Your Services: You'll gain insight on how to go where the paying customers are. You'll learn how to figure out where to market and more importantly, HOW to market.
  • How to Embed Sales Into Your Everyday Content: Sales is not a one time thing. It's a daily practice. You'll learn how to sell in your everyday content without being sleazy.
  • Close Your Sales Calls with Ease: The magic happens on the sales calls. You'll learn how to prepare, what to say and what questions to prepare for!