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You’ve probably heard other coaches talk about “processes” and “systems” for making their business flow smoothly. But do you really know what these words mean?

Many solopreneurs do the old nod and smile response, thinking, “Oh, that’s nice for you” but not really understanding how these two words can help their own business flourish too.

Why should you invest time in creating systems? Lots of coaches and solopreneurs get burnt out doing administrative work or doing routine work that could be much done better by either a contracted team mate or an app. Not to mention, the way we prioritize is off balance and we can find ourselves always running against a deadline.

You already know the importance of systems when it comes to hiring or managing a team member. But let’s talk for a moment about the importance of systems as relates to YOU!

Systems can save your energy because you’re no longer wracking your brain every day trying to remember what you need to do or should do.

Systems increase your revenue because they free up the time you need focus on your 
#1 job, sales. Additionally, a strong lead generation and lead nurture system can increase your conversion rates.

Systems can increase your productivity which directly correlates to revenue. Why? Because if you’re following your process step by step, there’s no need to multitask or be distracted. Everything that needs to be done is clearly laid out in front of you. This is why The Ascension Systems are your next best investment!

I know you're thinking, "I already have great tools and apps". Yes, this is fantastic and I know it took a LONG time to figure out, but this is not a system. No app, tool or set of apps/tools is.

The textbook definition of a system is a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organized framework or method. If you've built frameworks for your offer, you know exactly how much thought and intention must be given to build out a strategic framework.

The same thing applies to your internal systems.

I don’t care if your business has only made $1000 or a $1,000,000, you need internal systems.

Honesty Hour: If every move that is made in your business comes from a template, somebody else’s social profiles, or is made up on the spot - you need systems.

Systems save you time, energy and money.

Systems are apart of your company culture.

Systems help you to be a more effective coach AND founder.

Systems are what aid in your providing memorable client experiences.

Let’s build yours out, together.

The Ascension Systems are for coaches, course creators and anyone who provides digital products and services. The systems are delivered in the form of Clickup workspace, folder and list templates. They can seamlessly integrate with the other tools you use via Zapier. Each system includes tutorials on installation and use to ensure you're getting the best use of them. Whether you have no team, a small team or a growing team, these systems are perfect for streamlining your business and saving you time in the long run.

All of the systems are housed in Clickup and require a Clickup account. Purchase the systems individually or grab them all in one bundle and save!

Headquarters (HQ) Template

This template includes 1 Space, 6 folders & 13 lists within the folders. This system is best for organizing the foundational elements of your business including:

  • Internal HR Processes
  • Business Information such as Mission, Vision, etc.
  • Brand assets and company tools
  • Office Inventory
  • Current & Archived Products and services
  • You'll also receive 4 sample job descriptions and my own process for contractor onboarding/offboarding

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CEO Template

This system includes 1 space and 5 folders. This is the perfect tool to ensure you're taking time to appropriately lead your business, measuring growth and tracking your daily activities. This system will help you to:

  • Define and track your monthly/annual goals, bring team members in and see your progress
  • Track your recurring quarterly, monthly and weekly tasks
  • Outline and track priorities and initiatives across departments
  • Track your professional development including courses and classes you've invested in/completed.
  • Keep an updated list of relevant contacts & staff
  • Track time off requests, team meetings and much more!

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*This template requires the Clickup Unlimited Plan or higher*

Program Management Template

This template will help you manage your services, programs and courses. It includes 1 space, 2 task card templates, 2 folders, and 8 lists within those folders. You will also get a copy of my own client onboarding and offboarding process. This system will help you to:

  • Track active, paused, and alumni clients including client satisfaction, call notes, etc.
  • Outline your program curriculum to ensure consistency and allow your team to pick up whenever you need
  • Define your client experience workflows including onboarding, servicing and offboarding

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*This template requires the Clickup Unlimited Plan or higher*

Operations Template

Within this system, I provide a 2-3 SOP Examples and give you names of suggested SOP's you may want to have in your business. This system includes 1 space, 6 folders and 1 task template. This system will help you:

  • Define all of your standard operating procedures and workflows
  • Gain synergies with your team and assign ownership
  • Track internal and external trainings
  • Provide a formula for how to write and update SOP's

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM Template)

This system will finally systemize your lead generation, nurturing and conversion process. This system includes 1 space, 5 folders, 1 task template and 12 lists. This system will allow you to:

  • Track your client and customer workflow
  • Track your follow up efforts with prospective clients - you'll also get copies of my DM follow up scripts
  • Create your very own response library to make overcoming objections a breeze - you will be provided prompts that you'll need to fill in
  • Track and manage incoming/outgoing speaking inquiries

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*This template requires the Clickup Unlimited Plan or higher*

Marketing/Content Calendar Template

Tired of managing your content calendar in a spreadsheet? This is the perfect system for you. This system includes 1 space, 3 folders, 13 lists and 5 task card templates. This system will allow you to:

  • Brainstorm, track and categorize your content across all social platforms and your podcast
  • Outline and track your launches - you will also get a copy of my live launch framework
  • Track and manage your public relations efforts
  • Track and organize your content, opt-in's, and landing pages

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Project Management Template

This system will you to define, track and manage your complex projects. It includes 2 folders and 1 list. It is recommended that you duplicate the folder for each project you're working on. This system will allow you to:

  • Track your projects in phases
  • Manage your project budget in real time
  • Easily collaborate with your internal and external team members

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Team Management Template

This system provides you 1 space, 1 folder, 1 task template and 4 lists to help you with managing your team. You'll be able to easily outline and define the responsibilities and projects of your contractors/employees. It is recommended that you duplicate the folder for each team member that you have. This system will:

  • Help you to easily map out your team's individual projects and recurring responsibilities
  • Communicate with your team on relevant projects without clogging up your inbox
  • Give your team the ability to take ownership of their projects and document their progress

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Meet Kyshira

Kyshira S. Moffett, MBA is an International Board Certified Coach & a certified practitioner in 5 modalities of coaching Her speciality lies in business coaching with an emphasis on curriculum development, marketing and sales. With over 10 years of experience, Kyshira works with emerging business owners on launching their coaching practice & creating their first results driven, high ticket coaching package. Kyshira also works with experienced coaches across industries who have hit a revenue wall and need assistance with scaling their practice. Kyshira is a published author and her works include All in Favor of Branding, Project ManageHER and much more! In 2018, Kyshira was inducted into the Forbes Coaches Council. Her continuous efforts and involvement have been recognized by Forbes, Brit and Co, EBONY Magazine, Fast Company, and more! She is the recipient of the 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Millennial Visionary of the Year Award, National Urban League Superhero of the Movement award, Pittsburgh Magazine 40 Under 40 and more.


Do I need a paid Clickup account?

We recommend using a paid Clickup account if you are purchasing the following systems: Full Ascension Bundle, Programs System, CRM System and the CEO System. This is because these systems use the Forms feature which is a premium Clickup System. Keep in mind, even if you purchase the other systems, you can only import 5 templates into a Free Account. After that, you will have to delete previous templates to import more.

How do I access the templates?

After purchase, you will get an email from Thrivecart's Learn+ system to confirm your email address. Once you confirm, you will be asked to setup a password. From there, you'll have access to your purchased templates and the associated training video.

I didn't get my template. Help?

Make sure to double check your spam/junk folder. If you don't see it within 10 minutes after purchase, send an email to and we'll get you setup.

Is my purchase of the systems eligible for return or exchange?

These products are digital in nature and delivered immediately. Because of this, they are ineligible for exchange or return.